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Say for eg I have an XML like this

      <Container  ContainerGrossWeight="0.69"  ContainerGrossWeightUOM="lbs" ContainerScm="16757598166153847" TrackingNo="420913119102999949374063023016">
    <Container   ContainerGrossWeight="4.84" ContainerGrossWeightUOM="lbs" ContainerScm="16757598166153848" 

So "Containers" is the parent and it has two children.. and another .. But the attribute values in both are different.

I use JDOM to read and manipulate the values. If I write the below code I get the attributes of first . My question is how do I access the attributes and values of second ?

Element Containers = rootNode.getChild("Containers")

Element Container = Containers.getChild("Container")

String ContainerSCM = Container.getAttributeValue("ContainerSCM")

The above code gives me "16757598166153847" as output how do I get "16757598166153848" as output which is the getAttributeValue of second Element Containers attribute?

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Use the Element.getChildren() to retrieve all the Containers children named Container into a List<Element> then take the second.

List<Element> containers = rootNode.getChild("Containers").getChildren("Container");
Element secondContainer = containers.get(1); // take the second one
String secondContainerSCRM = secondContainer.getAttributeValue("ContainerSCM");

Or you could use XPath to select directly the element you want using //Containers/Container[2].

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Thanks a lot :) –  user1629109 Sep 14 '12 at 5:05
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