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Yesterday I installed Teamviewer 7 on my Centos 5.8 desktop. After a reboot, am not able to see the login screen. Only a blue color screen is visible.

I read

But how do I do that on Centos?

I know that to login to Single User Mode, we need to press a key while the os boots up. And then type single in the cmd. And then?

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Once in Single User Mode, you can try to remove TeamViewer from your system.
For example, if you have installed TeamViewer by running the rpm -ivh teamviewer_linux.rpm command, you can run the rpm -e teamviewer_linux command to uninstall it.
I don't think that the Mac OS link you've referred to can be very useful in your case.
If you peek into the teamviewer_linux.rpm (for example by running the command rpm -qpl teamviewer_linux.rpm) you won't find any "Launch Agents and Daemons", since on CentOS TeamViewer is wrapped around a Windows Emulator (wine).
By default the TeamViewer files gets installed in the /opt/teamviewer folder; the only exception is the startup script /usr/bin/teamviewer7.
Finally, the rpm post-installation script does nothing more and nothing less than create a desktop icon and add a menu entry, so I can't really understand how the TeamViewer installation could have broken your system.

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Actually I had tried to add teamviewer as a launch agent and that caused the blue screen. Thanks for the reply. – 1234 Sep 17 '12 at 7:26

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