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I'm on Windows Vista 64 bit, with a 64 bit jvm installed. I'm trying to use jstack and jmap -- two utilities that come with the JDK -- to peek into an application server's guts. This works fine on a windows xp machine, 32 bit.

However, when I run these commands against the processid for a ColdFusion application server on this vista64 machine, I get the error message in the title of this post.

All I'm doing is running jstack , where pid is the processid of my CF server, and I'm getting this

this machine has plenty of available memory, but I highly doubt it's a memory problem. The reason I say that is that if I start JBoss, which is taking up just as much memory as CF, I can run jstack against that process.

Thanks for advice

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Figured it out. The problem was that ColdFusion was running as a windows service. By stopping the service and running from the command line (jrun start cfusion) , I was able to successfully use the JDK tools

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hmm.. interesting. I wonder why. –  Henry Aug 6 '09 at 22:40

this posting provides details on how to execute jstack when the process is running as a windows service. basically, use the psexec command.


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