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With a QFileDialog I'm trying to change the size of the side bar in a QFileDialog. I want it to have a larger width. I was looking at dir(QtGui.QFileDialog) which shows a plethora of functions/methods and dir(QtGui.QSizePolicy) which seemed like the right choice. I've not been able to manipulate the size of the side bar though.

print 'sizePolicy: ',  self.sizePolicy()
urls = [ QtCore.QUrl("file:"), QtCore.QUrl("file:///usr/home/")]
self.fileBrowser.setSidebarUrls( urls )

Returns // sizePolicy:

It seems to average out the length of the names to create the width of the side bar. Anyone know a way around this? Size policy returns back a QSizePolicy object, but I don't know how to manipulate the side bar's size.


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it does return a size policy but it has arrow brackets and got cut out of this post ;) – crackerbunny Aug 6 '09 at 22:55

I would suggest using find_children and then maybe qobject_cast to get the sidebar object and the manipulate it directly.

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