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I am new to iPhone development, i have implemented paypal sdk in my iPhone app and check with sandbox environment, every thing is working perfectly, however i need to find transaction id returned by paypal after successfully done. I have checked with this function below

- (void)paymentSuccessWithKey:(NSString *)payKey andStatus:(PayPalPaymentStatus)paymentStatus 

however it is only showing me the status.

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Have you looked at the sample app provided from PayPal.. Here is the delegate method from the sample app, follow this you can get the transactionId from this...

//paymentSuccessWithKey:andStatus: is a required method. in it, you should record that the payment
//was successful and perform any desired bookkeeping. you should not do any user interface updates.
//payKey is a string which uniquely identifies the transaction.
//paymentStatus is an enum value which can be STATUS_COMPLETED, STATUS_CREATED, or STATUS_OTHER
- (void)paymentSuccessWithKey:(NSString *)payKey andStatus:(PayPalPaymentStatus)paymentStatus 
    NSString* transactionId = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:[payKey substringFromIndex:3]];

    [self messageAlert:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",transactionId] 
             title:@"Transaction success" delegate:nil];
    [transactionId release];
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