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I know there are a lot of threads abou this. The crazy thing about my situation is that I've tested a 3GS, a 4S and an iPad1, and it consistently happens only on the iPad1. It happens at launch. The app continues to run. However, the first time I open an MBProgressHUD, when I go to dismiss it, it doesn't dismiss, and therefore my app becomes unresponsive at that point.

Please let me know what could causing this, and why it only happens on the iPad.

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Whenever I have had this problem, it is because you are displaying a view (like a UIAlertView) or updating the view before it has finished loading properly. Move the call to MBProgressHUD out of your viewDidLoad or out of your Application Delegate to stop this message.

I usually move my UIAlertView calls into the viewWillAppear method.

Here is a similar question: 'wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003' on loading UIAlertView (iOS)

This message can also appear when you try updating the UI from a background thread. More Here

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I added a 1 second delay before displaying the HUD. Seems to fix it. Not sure why they can't give us a better error message though. – soleil Sep 14 '12 at 7:40

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