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i have installed windows 8 on my laptop ,can we create windows phone 7 apps in windows 8 using Visual studio 2010 or visual studio 2012.right now i have visual studio 2012 installed in my laptop

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the problem is when i try to create a new project for windows phone in visual studio 2012 it's giving me a message like "INSTALL WINDOWS PHONE 8 SDK" but windows phone 8 SDK is not yet released by microsoft, so can i install visual studio 2010 , windows phone SDK 7.1 on windows 8 and create windows phone 7 apps –  user1547566 Sep 14 '12 at 6:31

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In order to develop for Windows Phone 7 in your Windows 8 laptop, you need to install Games for Windows Live before installing Windows Phone SDK 7.1!

The correct install workflow would be:

  • Install Games for Windows Live
  • Install Windows Phone 7.1 SDK
  • Install Windows Phone 7.1.1 update

Note: Windows Phone 7.1 SDK is not supported on Visual Studio 2012, so unless you already have a Visual Studio 2010 edition installed, this will install Visual Studio 2010 Express and you will have to use it to make WP7 apps!

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You can still install windows phone 7.1 sdk on visual studio 2012 and develop WP7 apps for the time being.

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