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I'm getting besides other properties DateTime property which is rendered on the view as


I should convert this to readable format as

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var dateString = "/Date(1346997005000)/";
var dx = new Date(parseInt(dateString.substr(6)));

var dd = dx.getDate();
var mm = dx.getMonth() + 1;
var yy = dx.getFullYear();

if (dd <= 9) {
    dd = "0" + dd;

if (mm <= 9) {
    mm = "0" + mm;

var displayDate = dd + "." + mm + "." + yy;

Use displayDate. If you have access to one of the numerous JavaScript date libraries (e.g. Moment.js), you should be able to just pass dx into a function and get the display string with one line of code. That'd be a nicer solution.

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Your timestamp is in milliseconds already, so just pass it to the date constructor like this to convert it to a Date object.

var d = new Date(unixtimestamp)

Then you can use the Date APIs to get parts of the date.

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I think it's already multiplied > Date(1346997005000) "Fri Sep 14 2012 04:03:06 GMT-0300 (BRT)" – pedrofurla Sep 14 '12 at 7:04
yeah, didn't noticed – divide by zero Sep 14 '12 at 7:05

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