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I am creating an iframe dynamically for submmiting a form,after submitting i need to remove the iframe form the page.I removed itas follows but it is not removed,

function remove(){
 var frame = document.getElementById("upload_iframe"),
 var frameDoc = frame.contentDocument || frame.contentWindow.document;

How to remove the ifarme form the form completely.


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have you tried document.removeChild(frame); ? – Captain Jack Sparrow Sep 14 '12 at 6:53
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Frame has 2 behaviors: frame as document element (like div or another DOM element) and frame as window element (like global window object). So if you want to remove iframe from DOM tree you have to work with iframe like with DOM element

function remove(){
 var frame = document.getElementById("upload_iframe");
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but what if i have the remove function written inside the frame only, and want to perform some operation after removing ? – Arun Pratap Singh Apr 8 '15 at 3:23

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