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Can Some one help me understanding when to use these technologies(with real time scenarios).

  1. WS - Security
  2. WS - Trust
  3. WS - Policy
  4. WS-SecureConversation
  5. WS-ReliableMessaging

Thanks, Deb

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Web Services can be used as communication/information exchange between two different platforms through XML. By default XML doesn't have inbuilt security mechanism. So we put in some security constraints. WS-security,ws-trust,ws-reliable messaging etc.. are some extensions to xml communication mechanism(for SOAP messages).Some real time Scenarios are 1) Requesting weather information to a server. 2) Secure E-commerce transactions/Information Exchange(usually B2B) In the first case we don't need any security. But in the second case we need security which is implemented through above features.

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