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I want to display the table data from database according to the selected item from a dropdown list in my jsp file, so all I need to do is assign that selected value to a variable of String type, how do i do that, suggest me the piece of code along with the code of dropdown list.

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Assume you have a dropdown element in your form of your JSP page as below:

<select name='ele1'>
  <option value='a'>A</option>
  <option value='b'>B</option>

After submitting the form, you can get the element value from HttpServletRequest:

String selectedValue = request.getParameter("ele1");
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I want to do it before submitting.. Is there any way to do so? –  P3M Sep 14 '12 at 19:25
As far as I know, that's not doable...Maybe you can try DWR, the library will implement the underlying thing to make it look like the value is "automatically synchronized" to server side. –  Roy Ling Sep 15 '12 at 9:27

You can use Ajax, check out the link http://www.ajaxprojects.com/ajax/tutorialdetails.php?itemid=580

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