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Any body have an idea how to have a multiple select in a drop down box in Zend framework.

  • Is it possible to do that user can have more than once selection in a drop down?
  • How we can do that in Zend form?

I will appreciate if any have knows this issue

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I think Zend Framework doesn't have such option, but you can transform regular multiple select to a dropdown.

Try this plugin for regular multiselect

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Thanku for your feed back – neelsagar Oct 18 '12 at 11:43

i don't think you can select multiples in a drop down box, But you can try.. Multiselect

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Are you able to do it in a standard html page? (i.e without using zend just a normal html page).

I dont think that there is such an option to have a drop down with multi select in the standard html(dont know about HTML 5 though :) ).

So if the functionality is not available in the language of representation(HTML) itself, I dont think a that a server side framework can provide such a feature. (please enlighten me if I am wrong)

And yes you can do it on the client side for sure(javascript) as mentioned by divide by zero.

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