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I am playing with HTML5 app cache and right from the beginning I ran into issues:/ I am trying to have simple offline fallback for my page so that there would be nice styled page instead of classic offline error. According to few resources I have red I created this manifest file.

# 0.01


/ /offline.html

The problem is, that the browser loads into the cache not only the offline.html file, but also the root page, which leads into that page is displayed with lot of errors (no js loaded, no imaged loaded, no CSS, ...) while offline and offline.html is completely bypassed by the browser. The screenshot below shows logged information about caching progress. You can see there, that the browser downloads both files, instead of only the offline.html as I am trying to do.

All this has been done in latest dev Chrome (23.0.1262.0 dev)

enter image description here

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The page which references the manifest file is always included in the offline cache. If you don't want the root page to be cached then you need to create a separate static page to reference the manifest and load it in an iframe.

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Thank you..It works flawlessly! – simekadam Sep 14 '12 at 11:37

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