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I am working with Ext.Net 1.5. and I am working with Ext:desktop.

enter image description here

above screenshot having 2 Icon. now I want to create new Icon named as Spa dynamically(means from aspx.cs page onLoad).

I tried through following code but didn't find any solution.

View desktopIcon dynamically..

            var winspa = new Ext.Net.DesktopWindow
                ID = "WindowFile",
                Title = "File Management",
                Width = Unit.Pixel(870),
                Height = Unit.Pixel(620),
                Icon = Ext.Net.Icon.User,
                Collapsible = true,
                Maximizable = true,
                // Maximized = false,
                Hidden = true

            Ext.Net.DesktopModule dm = new Ext.Net.DesktopModule();
            dm.ModuleID = "spa";
            dm.AutoRun = false ;
            dm.WindowID = "winspa";

            Ext.Net.DesktopShortcut ds = new Ext.Net.DesktopShortcut();
            ds.ModuleID = "spa";
            ds.Text="Spa" ;
            ds.IconCls = "icon-setting";

            winspa.AutoLoad.Url = "settings.aspx";
            winspa.AutoLoad.Mode = Ext.Net.LoadMode.IFrame;
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