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As suggested, drilling down into the test case, TestManyToOne.java and running/debuging readWriteBasic(NoSqlEntityManager)

Once refreshing and clearing up the project, I could succesfully run/debug the reWriteBasic Method.

Stepping through many, many, .... I finally completed the methhod debug.

I did notice on several instances;

Class<T>(Object).equals(Object) line: 134

showed up stating: "Source not found." and a button with "Edit Source Lookup Path..."

ScreenShot Line 138 No SRC

Also noticed on a few occasions was;

DboColumnMeta.getStorageType(Class) line: 199   

Highlighting the "Name/Value" within the Variable view.

Line199 VariableView Name/Value

STRING - 126

  • Is the preceding information what I am supposed to be seeing?
  • I must of hit 'step into" 1000x, is that correct?
  • Is Line 134 correct?
  • The highlighting in the variables window?
  • The console only shows a completion of the method running, what am I looking for???

Thanks ahead of time for any insights and/or advice,

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Based on other questions I have seen from you, you are looking to learn how to "use" playOrm not learn how playOrm works, correct?????

If I am correct, you are stepping way too deep, way way too deep. You should only stay in the 3 classes TestManyToOne.java, Activity.java and Account.java if you want to get a feel for how playOrm works.


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