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I am using Ubunt 12.04. My project was running fine till yesterday and today when i open the springtoolsuit and start tomcat (i am using tomcat 7.0), a pop up opens and says:

In details it says : An internal error occurred during: "Starting tomcat_server_name**". org/eclipse/jdt/debug/core/JDIDebugModel

Can i be issue due to ubuntu updates ??

** Tomcat_server_name is the name of my tomcat server.

Kindly help me, as i searched google alot but could not found any solution.

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Answering my own question as it may help some one like me facing the same problem.

sudo apt-get --reinstall install tzdata-java

solve the problem. Got solution from Here

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I had the same problem - and yes this worked. Thanks. – Zitrax Sep 19 '12 at 10:07
and for windows ? – Souad Jul 8 '13 at 20:32

For Windows users, there is another solution. Open eclipse.ini in the Eclipse installation folder and add as the last line of that file

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If you're on 16.04, there is no tzdata-java package. I guess it got rolled in to tzdata, but reinstalling it does not fix this problem. I fixed it by downgrading tzdata to the last version that was accompanied by tzdata-java, then reinstalling tzdata-java.



I have to keep using the old version for Tomcat7 to work, so did this to prevent Ubuntu from updating the file:

sudo apt-mark hold tzdata
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