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Safari has a nice popover that is used for controlling the font size. I'm talking about that one:

enter image description here

It's pretty nice, and my question is - how to implement something exactly like this?

Thank you!

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There are many projects in github about popoverview, such as this https://github.com/takashisite/TSPopover One way to implement this is to add a transparent view that takes up the whole screen so that when I touch outside the popover content, it'll dismiss. And the rest you need to do is just add some subviews to your transparent view.

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Simple Really, If you want to use a popover then you can see this code PopOver Link

Or you can simply create a UIView containing 2 buttons , let this UIView rollout an animation whenever the UIButton on the bar is clicked and so on and so forth. Let me know for further queries :)

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