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Connecting to ActiveMQ via TCP works fine with or without netlib.
Connecting via SSL works fine without netlib but fails with netlib.

Note: I'm using apache-activemq-5.6.0 and silvertunnel.org_netlib-0.14-beta.

This problem occurs whether using netlib's tcpipNetLayer or torNetLayer. However, only the tcpipNetLayer case is considered here to keep things simple.

BTW, SSL + netlib worked fine with the HornetQ messaging server (which implements SSL authentication differently) but HornetQ had problems that led me to try using ActiveMQ.

For convenience I have created a simple test case with a consumer and two different producers.

  • producer connects without netlib - works fine.
  • producer-tcpip connects with neltib using the tcpipNetLayer - the following errors occur:

With SSL debugging turned on for ActiveMQ the producer-tcpip program outputs to the console the following error message and then hangs:

ActiveMQ Transport: ssl://null:0, handling exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

This is midway through an SSL handshake because the producer-tcpip program generates the log4j message:

DEBUG org.apache.activemq.transport.failover.FailoverTransport - Attempting  0th  connect to: ssl://localhost:61616
DEBUG org.apache.activemq.transport.WireFormatNegotiator - Sending: WireFormatInfo { version=9, properties={MaxFrameSize=104857600, CacheSize=1024, CacheEnabled=true, SizePrefixDisabled=false, MaxInactivityDurationInitalDelay=10000, TcpNoDelayEnabled=true, MaxInactivityDuration=30000, TightEncodingEnabled=true, StackTraceEnabled=true}, magic=[A,c,t,i,v,e,M,Q]}

Then when the producer-tcpip program is killed (e.g. with a ctrl+C) then the activemq.log reports that:

WARN  | Transport Connection to: tcp:// failed: Remote host closed connection during handshake | | ActiveMQ Transport: ssl:///
ERROR | Could not accept connection from tcp:// Remote host closed connection during handshake | | ActiveMQ Task-3

I have no idea what could be causing this or how it can be resolved. Can anyone help?

Steps to reproduce the problem (takes under 15 minutes):

download the test case

cd testing-AMQ-Netlib-SSL

Download latest ActiveMQ into the testing directory

tar -xzf apache-activemq-5.6.0-bin.tar.gz
rm apache-activemq-5.6.0-bin.tar.gz

Edit conf/activemq.xml to accept ssl

gedit apache-activemq-5.6.0/conf/activemq.xml

replace the transportConnectors entry with the following lines (to enable SSL)

            <transportConnector name="ssl"     uri="ssl://"/>
            keyStore="broker.ks" keyStorePassword="password"
            trustStore="client.ks" trustStorePassword="password"/>

start server

cd apache-activemq-5.6.0
bin/activemq start

view logging output

tail -f data/activemq.log 

open another console then cd into the testing-AMQ-Netlib-SSL directory

Download latest SilverTunnel netlib into the testing directory


compile the source code into three runnable jar files in separate directories


run the consumer

cd consumer

open another console then cd into the testing-AMQ-Netlib-SSL/producer directory

run the producer


let it run for a bit to satisfy yourself that it works then kill the producer by hitting ctrl+C

run the producer-tcpip

cd ../producer-tcpip

let it run for a bit to satisfy yourself that it has stalled at a NullPointerException then kill the producer-tcpip by hitting ctrl+C

notice the debug message in producer-tcpip's output

tail -f logs/output.log 

also notice the error message that appears at the bottom of activemq.log (see the tail output from the first console window) or type at the current prompt

tail -f ../apache-activemq-5.6.0/data/activemq.log 

Thanks for your help!

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I don't know if it is important, but one major difference between the way that ActiveMQ and HornetQ implement SSL is that ActiveMQ requires some configuration via JVM command line options. For example a typical command line is: java -jar producer.jar Could it be that when the JVM is TORified by Netlib that this information is lost or corrupted? Just a thought... – John Ringland Sep 20 '12 at 2:57
No, that idea in the previous comment isn't correct. I just successfully connected two Java applications via an SSLSocket (over Netlib). SSLSockets use the same command line configuration shown above. So the SSL command line parameters are handled okay by Netlib. – John Ringland Oct 6 '12 at 4:28
WORKAROUND: Using SSLSockets suggests a workaround for the incompatibility between Netlib and ActiveMQ. Rather than try to connect directly to ActiveMQ over a TORified SSL connection, instead connect to a small Java application (called 'receiver') on the server side via a TORified SSLSocket. Then on the server side the receiver program passes the data to the ActiveMQ server over a localhost TCP connection. Using an intermediary application means that Netlib and ActiveMQ don't have to come into direct contact. – John Ringland Oct 6 '12 at 4:34

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