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Using Java's Netty, can you serve HTTP requests and web-sockets from the same port?

I thought that the whole point of using HTTP "upgrade" for web-sockets was to make this so.

But I can't find even a clear simple example of a web-socket server in Netty, let alone how to mix it into an HTTP server. (The websocket example puts all its effort into serving a favicon to non-websocket connections and omits actually having much of a conversation with a client.)

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I was under the assumption that you run the WebSocket server on a different port but the connection is setup via port 80 with switching protocols. – Sphvn Sep 14 '12 at 8:42

Hmm, something makes me think you didn't read the example thoroughly enough. It

  1. demonstrates combination of regular HtTTP requests and websocket requests
  2. it does not serve the favicon resource (it returns 404 Not Found), and
  3. exchande websocket text frames with the client
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