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I'm trying to read all attributes of a methode which contains more than one attribute of the same type like:

[field(Feld = "x86", Index = 1)]
[field(Feld = "x93", Index = 2)]
[field(Feld = "x107", Index = 9)]
public string Methodename() {}

Reading the Attribute like:

Attribute mAttr = Attribute.GetCustomAttribute
                  (methodInfo, typeof (fieldAttribute), false) as fieldAttribute;

This throwing an AmbiguousMatchException. How do i read more than one attribute?

Thank you

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Use GetCustomAttributes instead of GetCustomAttribute :)

For example:

Attribute[] attributes = Attribute.GetCustomAttributes
              (methodInfo, typeof (fieldAttribute), false);
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Ohh man i gota be blind! i didnt even look for the same methode name in plural. Thank you –  CloudyMarble Sep 14 '12 at 8:26

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