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I've just started learning Python recently and am using Pyramid as my web framework.

I'm trying to add a static view at localhost/images/misc:

config.add_static_view('images', 'C:/Project/Images/')
config.add_static_view('images/misc', 'C:/Path/To/Other/Images/')

But I get an error: File does not exist: C:/Project/images/misc

So it seems that the second line adding images/misc as a static view doesn't have any effect.

I've been searching for a while for a way to do this, but I haven't found anything. Is it possible to add a static view where the name contains a subdirectory? If so, how?

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Under the hood, pyramid turns the name part of the add_static_view() method into a Pyramid route predicate of the form name/*subpath (where name can contain slashes itself). A dedicated static asset view is attached to that route predicate.

In your configuration that means there would be both images/*subpath and images/misc/*subpath route predicates, in that order. When you then request a URL with the path images/misc/foo.png Pyramid finds the images/*subpath predicate first, and tries to look up the misc path element in the 'C:/Project/Images/' folder, which fails.

Lucky for you, you can reverse the order of the registrations, simply register the images/misc path first:

config.add_static_view('images/misc', 'C:/Path/To/Other/Images/')
config.add_static_view('images', 'C:/Project/Images/')

Now the images/misc/*subpath predicate is registered first, and will match any images/misc/ URLs before the other predicate is tested.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation! I guess I should have figured that out based on the part of Pyramid's URL Dispatch documentation about route ordering - I just didn't think about that applying to add_static_view as well. It's working now. –  Kami's Aibou Sep 15 '12 at 1:11
One other note - while this wasn't a part of my question, maybe it will help someone else trying to figure this out: If you have a Virtual Host set up in httpd.conf, httpd-vhosts.conf, etc, and inside that virtual host you have Alias /images C:/Project/Images, then the add_static_view lines will have no effect. Martijn's answer didn't work at first and then I remembered I had also set up a virtual host like that. Once I took out the Alias line and swapped the two add_static_view lines, everything worked. –  Kami's Aibou Sep 15 '12 at 1:20

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