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I currently filter some message from my inbox with these steps:

select inbox
pick messages
set \Deleted tag

and then repeat the process after selecting Trash.

Is there a more direct way of disposing of these messages? Or is it just the feature of the Mail server that deleting a message puts it in the trash, and deleting from the trash permantently disposes of it?

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I believe you have to call EXPUNGE after setting the tag Deleted.

RFC 3501

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Not sure exactly where you're doing these operations. IMAP itself doesn't specify that you move things to a Trash folder. Typically IMAP will let you mark a message as deleted and keep it within your inbox but marked as deleted. You can then choose to "purge" the folder which will actually delete all items marked for deletion.

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With my mail client (thunderbird), to direct delete instead of send to trash, I hold down the Shift key along with the Delete key.

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