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I developed simple code to display an image and title on blackberry screen, but I am not able to display anything (but if I tested for title only it is working).

My requirement is to display image with title in a list.

I have followed this link for fetching image from image url

and here my code in drawlistrow method:

public void drawListRow(ListField list, Graphics g, int index, int y, int w) 
            String text = (String)listElements.elementAt(index);
            Bitmap image =GetImage.connectServerForImage("http://toucheradio.com/toneradio/iphone/toriLite/toriLive.png");
            g.drawLine(0, y, w, y);

            g.drawText(text, 150, y, 60, w);

What could be the problem?

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And please check the image height and width if its big than your screen resolution, then you have to crop or enlarge the image you are getting. Give some x axis to the drawBitmapMethod i have just giving you the idea like below you can implement.

g.drawBitmap(340, y, image.getWidth(), image.getHeight(), image, 0, 0);
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i got requirement ,if append this(";deviceside=true") to at the end of my image web url like this imageweburl+";deviceside=true",then it is working –  String Sep 14 '12 at 10:57
i will suggest you to read this supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Java-Development/… –  BBdev Sep 14 '12 at 11:27

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