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I want to write a BlackBerry mobile application. I've noticed that the information for developing BlackBerry apps is obscure compared to the iPhone.

The samples on the BlackBerry site don't have examples that utilize the most common form objects besides lables and buttons. Does anyone know any other sites with BlackBerry Sample Apps?

Also is there any books on how to develop BlackBerry apps using the BlackBerry API. After some googling I found that everone suggestions a J2ME book. Please don't suggest this, I want a book specifically about the BlackBerry API.

Thanks, Joe

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the best start actual the Blackberry Developer Site. And there, under Sample Code and Labs it provides several good examples to get you started.

A more advanced example would the opensource Wordpress Blackberry App, which implements the MVC Pattern.

Good Luck,

A really good overview for the different UI Elements is this Field Reference.

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SO - Blackberry Development Tips, Tricks & Gotchas (blogs, articles, samples, everything)

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Here are some good tutorials on BlackBerry development from -

I'm working on making about 10 tutorials to cover networking, GUI design, and threading on BB, along with gps and camera integration. Stay tuned.

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Find a comprehensive set of BlackBerry development tutorials, how-to's, and reviews here -

We also provide BlackBerry Bootcamp Training Services (up to 7 day training program with hands on labs). Details are provided on

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