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I am using centos6 on server machine.

Now I have to install the oracle11g database on that system.

I read the oracle documentation for the installation process, but its first instruction is to install XTERM. I have confusions about XTERM and I'm not able download it either.

Then I was tried this blog post, but it has not helped me to with the oracle installation.

I can't install oracle11g with a GUI. How can I install this using only the command-line?

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You should try silent installation.


From the documentation:

Use silent mode to do the following installations:

  • Complete an unattended installation, which you schedule using operating system utilities such as at.
  • Complete several similar installations on multiple systems without user interaction.
  • Install the software on a system that does not have X Window System software installed on it.

The installer displays progress information on the terminal that you used to start it, but it does not display any of the installer screens.

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I want to know about what is the purpose of XTERM. can I install oracle 11g without XTERM ? –  dhileepan M Sep 14 '12 at 10:58
Xterm is the terminal emulator for X Windows. Off late I have not done DB installations without X Windows. –  Geordee Naliyath Sep 15 '12 at 8:38

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