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I have a phonegap project and split the code in global files (that are similar for android and ios) and ios/android specific files. Then I have an ant script where I merge the files into one project again.

The problem is I have a plugin "xzing barcode scanner". The files lay within the projectname/Plugins folder of the IOS project. The files are also merged to the target directory, but in xcode they´re not shown. And when I run the app I get the error that the plugin isn`t known.

This part of the ant scirpt copies the file

    <copy todir="${targetdir}/${projectName}.xcodeproj">
        <fileset dir="${projectroot}/${projectName}.xcodeproj"/>
    <copy todir="${targetdir}/${projectName}">
        <fileset dir="${projectroot}/${projectName}"/>

The contents of the Plugin Folder:


All Files are copied to the target directory (targetdir/projectname/Plugins), but somehow not merged into the project in xcode. Anyone knows how to fix this?

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Your files do not seem to be referenced to your XCode project.

I think a simple way you may try would be to copy your files manually like this (I don't know why but this kind of issue was solved for me like this XD...):

  • Use your Finder to go to your folder Plugin and move the "hidden" files (CDVBarcodeScanner.mm, zxing_all_in_one.h, zxing_all_in_one.c, and README) somewhere else, on your Desktop for instance.

  • Open XCode and create an empty file for the folder Plugin (--> Through XCode: right click on the folder Plugin, New File...->iOS->Other->Empty) and save the file as CDVBarcodeScanner.mm (for example)

  • Open the file CDVBarcodeScanner.mm (for example), that you put on your Desktop for example, with a simple text editor and copy the content to your new created file in XCode

  • Do the same for the remaining files:

    • zxing_all_in_one.h
    • zxing_all_in_one.c
    • README

Hope this solution will work for you. Let me know of your results.

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Hi Littm, thanks for your answer. It also worked for me when I copy it manually, the goal was to get the project ready to install including the files via the ant script. –  dan Sep 18 '12 at 5:39

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