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I wrote a CredentialProvider that allows to log in to Windows. But today I found out this strange error that GetSerialization() seems not to accept passwords which contain the German 'umlaut' letters like 'ä' or 'ü'. Does anyone know the solution?

Thanks in advance

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check if the project is set to use unicode character set. –  Apokal Sep 17 '12 at 7:15

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It'll depend on the details of the format in which GetSerialization() returns the password.

If your CredentialProvider returns a serialized KERB_INTERACTIVE_UNLOCK_LOGON structure, as the standard password provider does, then the username, password, and domain name values in the structure must all be passed as UNICODE_STRING values. Note that UNICODE_STRING is a structure that contains current length and maximum length values and a buffer of 16-bit Unicode (UTF-16LE) characters. As they're Unicode they can certainly hold letters with umlauts.

However, if your CredntialProvider handles the password in a narrow character buffer you may be handling your umlaut characters as 8-bit Windows CP1252 characters. You'll need to convert those to 16-bit Unicode before placing them in the KERB_INTERACTIVE_UNLOCK_LOGON structure and serializing it.

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Thank you. The error was caused by a wrong ANSI to unicode string conversion. –  addy2012 Oct 3 '12 at 13:48

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