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Im new to prado and I'm having a problem on how to populate this to my table. So far, this is what i have done:


      <com:TRepeater ID="test">
          <table class="list" border="1px" borderWidth="1px" borderColor="#CCCCCC" style="margin-top: 30px;">
            <td><%#  xxxxxxxx%></>      <!--this is the part where i will put my... -->
            <td><%# xxxxxxxxxx%></>     <!--...data from database -->


and my Home.php :


            class Home extends TPage
                protected function getListTest()
                    // Returns an array containing all the records from the table
                    return TestRecord::finder()->findAll();
                public function onLoad($param)
                    if (!$this->IsPostBack)
                        // Populate the Test Drop Down from database values
                        $this->test->DataKeyField = 'username';
                        $this->test->DataKeyField = 'email';
                        $this->test->DataSource = $this->ListTest;


I have already establish connection with my database. So, how can i fill in my table with the items from my database?

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Assuming that getListTest() is returning a proper array of records (var_dump it to check) you only need to reference $this->data of the repeater. scope is the repeater. So $this is an alias to the repeater object. As the repeater iterates through your array it will change the $this->data to the current record.

        <td><%#  $this->data->username %></>     
        <td><%#  $this->data->email %></>     
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thanks .this thing worked.. i have used TRepeater for a while but then i shifted to TDataGrid.. –  lawrence Sep 20 '12 at 1:39

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