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I am creating a spring social and spring security enable application.So far most of the integration has been fine .But the issue I am stuck with is that when the /sigin/twitter post request is triggered ,I am redirected to twitter sign in (for my app ) so far its fine .But when I try to sign in in twitter I am not getting redirected back to my application ,rather it redirects back to twitter. Can someone help if he has encountered a similar issue.

Regards, Gaurav

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Without seeing how you've configured Spring Social, there's no sure way to know what's going on. I am curious, though...have you tried this with Spring Social Showcase (localhost:8080/spring-social-showcase)? It does the same thing and (I just now confirmed that) it works. I'd be curious to know how your config differs from Spring Social Showcase (be sure to look at ExplicitConfig.java, since I just tweaked the orginal SocialConfig.java last night to use a simpler configuration which is very likely quite different from what you've done). –  Craig Walls Sep 15 '12 at 21:19
Hi Craig .. it worked partially seems I has a wrong config for the ProviderSignInController . Actuall I am using couchdb to wire my repository so had to do a little tinkering with spring social and security config –  Gaurav Rawat Sep 17 '12 at 7:11

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