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how to explicitly write the cartesian product of a power set with another set.

eg: P({a,b})x{a,b}

Now P({a,b}) = {{},{a},{b},{a,b}}

so i need to know {{},{a},{b},{a,b}}x{a,b}

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Let X be a a set. The power set of X is defined to be

P(X) := { S | S ⊆ X }

Let X and Y be sets. The product X × Y is defined to be

X × Y := { (x,y) | x ∈ X, y ∈ Y }

Now let X and Y be sets. We will describe the Cartesian product of the power set of X with Y:

P(X) × Y = { (S,y) | S ∈ P(X), y ∈ Y }

But S ∈ P(X) if and only if S ⊆ X. This allows us to rewrite our product

P(X) × Y = { (S,y) | S ⊆ P(X), y ∈ Y }

In other words, P(X) × Y consists of ordered pairs such that the first coordinate is some subset of X and the second coordinate is an element of Y.

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