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How can I update a table after some time interval when a condtion is matched?

id   contest_id   name   is_expire
1    101          new    0
2    102          old    0

contest_id   answer_id   date
101          1           2012-02-02
101          2           2012-09-14
102          5           2012-06-01

I need to update tb_contest after some condition was met and make is_expire=1 after 2 days on basis of the last answer received i:e 2012-03-14, so the tb_contest should be updated on 2012-09-16.

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Try this one,

UPDATE tb_contest a INNER JOIN
            SELECT contest_ID, MAX(`date`) maxDate
            FROM tb_answer
            GROUP BY contest_ID
        ) b ON a.contest_ID = b.contest_ID
SET a.is_expire = 1
WHERE   DATEDIFF(CURDATE(), b.maxDate) >= 2 AND 
        a.is_expire = 0

So here it goes, the two tables were joined by contest_ID and having the lastest answered date on tb_answer. By using DATEDIFF() we can know the difference between today's date and the date the contest has been answered.

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You could use MySQL's event scheduler:

CREATE EVENT expire_contests
  DO UPDATE tb_contest JOIN (
       SELECT   contest_id, MAX(date) AS latest
       FROM     tb_answer
       GROUP BY contest_id
     ) t USING (contest_id)
     SET    tb_contest.is_expire = 1
     WHERE  tb_contest.is_expire <> 1
        AND t.latest <= CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 2 DAY
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Thanks all truly appreciate. –  syncdm2012 Sep 14 '12 at 10:29

You can JOIN the contest and an inner-query on the answer table in the UPDATE clause and use MySQL's DATEDIFF to count the number-of-days since the answer was, well, answered:

    tb_contest c
    JOIN (SELECT contest_id, MAX(date) AS date FROM tb_answer GROUP BY contest_id) AS a
        ON a.contest_id = c.id
    c.is_expire = 1

    DATEDIFF(NOW(), a.date) >= 2
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What if I have to do the same for contest_id=102 which has also multiple entry –  syncdm2012 Sep 14 '12 at 11:56
@Mdharmendra The query in my answer will update any/all contests that have a "last answer" of 2-or-more days ago; if you want to specify an exact contest, you can change the WHERE clause to WHERE c.id = 102 AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), a.date) >= 2 –  newfurniturey Sep 14 '12 at 12:11

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