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I have a UIView with a UIImageView as a subview. I modify the UIView with CGAffineTransformRotate and CGAffineTransformScale. The UIImageView subview also transforms with it automatically.

I want to replace the UIImage in the UIImageView subview with a new UIImage. When I do this, the image is the wrong size and rotation, because the original been scaled and rotated.

How do I replace the image subview and have it appear as the previous image did (same size/rotation/location)?

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Take another UIImageView2 and put your previous image in it first. Then after you scale and modify the original image to a new one and want to see your original one, you can show the UIImageView2 image.

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Thanks for the help, but I found the bug, see above. – TigerCoding Sep 14 '12 at 9:55
gr8......... :) – IronManGill Sep 14 '12 at 9:57

I found the bug, I was removing the original image and didn't know it.

imageView.image = nextImage;

Changing the image as above keeps the scale and rotation from the parent. No trickery involved.

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