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I would like to change the value of a radio button and then retrieve the html of the following website: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android-market/recommendations-list?rid=NEWCOMER_RATING

I'm new to python but I figure that you use mechanize to do the job. This site has been of tremendous help but right now I am stuck.

Changing the value of the Radio button seems to work out nicely:

import mechanize
br = mechanize.Browser()
print br.find_control(name='timeFilter').value
br.form['timeFilter'] = ['TODAY']
print br.find_control(name='timeFilter').value

..... however, I have trouble reading the final html. If I manually change the Button and reload the page, the page source changes. however, if I try this with mechanize, the value of the radio button seems to be set back to its default value and what I get using read() is the old source.

print br.find_control(name='timeFilter').value

Having read a lot of posts here I tried various things but it's just returning the first page over and over again. Since I am really new to all this, there is a good chance that I'm getting some basic stuff wrong. Any help would be highly apprechiated! Thanks in advance.

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Try finding the button that is necessary to click and submit the form using


insert the name of the button needed to be clicked, this one I put in won't work, it is just an example

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you should set your header use livehttp header extension to analyze the header and then set the header using addheaders function

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