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Im just working on my Toolbar, Im using the InfragisticsToolbarsManager and ive created a Ribbon with 2 ribbon groups in the designer. You can add groups very easywith this new Group button. And insert Items with the new Tool button (upper right in the groups)!

But i cant rightclick on it and the property window shows the properties for the wole ultratoolbarmanager.

But i want to know how to edit the GroupName/Text ive marked at the screenshot. Atm im doing it at the code of the Designer.cs but this isnt a real solution in my opinion.

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The UltraToolbarManager properties can be opened right clicking on the UltraToolbarManager control in the bottom pane of your form designer and selecting 'Customize Property Pages'.
Then select in sequence the Ribbon Property, then Tabs property, then the appropriate tab index (0 in your example), then the Groups property and the specific group (0 and 1 in your example). Inside each group you will find the Caption property with the text to change

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Ahh thanks ... i always tried to klick on the 'toolbar' on the 'form' and rightklick but i didnt realize that it is also at the 'bottom pane' just like the 'backgroundworker' – Vloxxity Sep 14 '12 at 15:27
Glad to be of help. These guys at Infragistics do an exceptional work, but this properties, sometimes, are a labyrinth – Steve Sep 14 '12 at 20:30

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