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Starting from this question. I wonder, why some of the menu icons, which I need in my application, even if they are located in SDK folders, can not be accessed via android.R.drawable or @android:drawable/(in XML)? For example (ic_menu_refresh, ic_menu_login). In my AndroidManifest.xml I have:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8"

I think this is an important issue, because they have different sizes(and also design) depending of the android version so it would be difficult for us to store them in our res folder. E.g., In the lower versions

ldpi are 36x36
mdpi are 48x48
hdpi are 72x72

In the newer versions

ldpi are 36x36
mdpi are 32x32
hdpi are 48x48

If there is no way to access them directly, how should I store them in my res folders?

To make different folders like below, is a solution? E.g. :


If so, how many?

Please tell me which is the more suitable way to use these icons, to have the best design in the application for a large variety of devices.

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Without any other folder, excepting the default ones,and with the following resources inside

drawable-hdpi 48x48
drawable-ldpi 36x36
drawable-mdpi 32x32

on Nexus S(Android 4.1.1) and emulator(Android 2.3.3) looks nice.

I still wonder why I cannot access it directly(via android.R.drawable), if any body has any idea.....

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