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I m not any knowledge of YII framework just start work on YII . I want to install YII framework in my system . So please let me how i install .

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Begin Here: yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/en/quickstart.first-app –  Paystey Sep 14 '12 at 10:52
those are the 4 videos that got me started with yii yiiframework.com/screencasts –  Slim Fadi Oct 19 '12 at 20:32

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Download the yii zip file and unzip it. Then copy the unzipped folder to:

(Default Location)

Then run the following command :

/var/www/htdocs/Yii/framework/yiic webapp anyname

Done!!! Open your browser and type "localhost/anyname"

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Download the YII framework from the website

Extract the folder in Downloads

Open the Terminal

sudo su (enter the password)

cd Downloads ls (the yii file will appear in that list)

mv yii /var/www (move that folder to www folder)

cd /var/www (check tht file is there by ls )

create a sample project

mkdir folder_name

cd /var/www

php yii/framework/yiic.php webapp /var/www/folder_name

create web application under '/var/www/folder_name' [yes][no]

type yes

Folder permission in terminal

sudo chmod 777 -R /var/www/one(folder name)

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Download the YII framework from the website

Extract into htdocs

Come out of htdocs folder

Create a sampleproject folder and give 777 permission

In here i created test as a sample project

Type the following in termial

php yii/framework/yiic,php webapp /var/www/yii/test

[this is my location] It will ask to create project or not ,give yes

and in browser type localhost/yii/test

For More Details refer this below link


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