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i'm still new to ruby. i dont understand the methods visibility. the documentation says, all methods are public by default (unless defined otherwise). so this should work (but it doesn't, MWE):


class Example

  def do_stuff
    puts 'hello world'


and testing.rb:

load 'modules/example.rb'

calling $ ruby testing.rb results in

testing.rb:9:in `<main>': undefined method `do_stuff' for Example:Class (NoMethodError)

Can someone explain why? And how to fix it that I can call do_stuff directly?

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You are defining an instance method and need to call it on an instance of Example class:

ex_instance =

If you want to call it directly you need to define it as a class method:

class Example

  def self.do_stuff
    puts 'hello world'


then you can call it like this without the need of calling

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thanks. i was blind - that was really stupid. :) – 5chdn Sep 14 '12 at 10:52

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