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How do I use CUDA function in a cpp file?

I must use a CUDA function declared in "cuda.h" (or other cuda libraries), for example cudaMalloc. I know it is simple to do in .cu files but my project is extended, we decide call some CUDA functions in .cpp files.

I saw in the SDK some CUDA functions are called from main.cpp, so why is it not working for me? How do I configure CUDA with Visual Studio 2010?

The error is:

cudaMalloc identifier not found


undeclared identifier for size_t types

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have you done #include <cuda.h> in your header? –  Tony The Lion Sep 14 '12 at 10:44
I've tried to clean up your question a bit to make it more readable, hopefully I understood correctly but please add more information if not. –  Tom Sep 14 '12 at 11:46

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You can call CUDA API calls from C/C++ compiled with cl.exe, just make sure you include the cuda.h header and link with cudart.lib.

For more detailed instructions on setting up Visual Studio 2010, see this answer.

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I created my first cuda project following this link. Also, you need to include not only #include <cuda.h> but also #include<cuda_runtime.h>.

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