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I am working in Telerik Grid.

My code for Grid - Onload is:

function OnLoad(e)
    //$("#userSecurityGrid").data("tGrid").pageSize = 50;
    $.post("@Url.Action("SetGridPageSize", "UserSecurity")")

My controller code looks like:

public int SetGridPageSize()
    // to get grid page size value from table
    // return value;

In the controller I will get the value from the table and I have to return to set the Page size.

I can set the grid page size value by


But, My question is that how I can return the value from the "SetGridPageSize" controller to the function "OnLoad" to assign the grid page size value. Provide me a solution. Thanks.

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You could pick up the return value and set pageSize in the $.post callback:

function OnLoad(e)
    $.post("@Url.Action("SetGridPageSize", "UserSecurity")", function(data) {
        $("#userSecurityGrid").data("tGrid").pageSize = data;
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Thanks very much. Working as expected. Great. –  user1537319 Sep 14 '12 at 11:19

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