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I have the following code which keeps on giving segmentation fault after execution for few number times.

//pasting second image
    int x=n32j;
    int y=n32i;  

    CvMat *tempMatrix1 = cvCreateMat(3,1,CV_32FC1);
    printf("\n Here ,  %d , %d , %d , %d ,%d ,%d , x = %d , y = %d" , n32k , n32j , n32i , SrcImageChannels2 , SrcImageWidth2 , SrcImageHeight2 , x, y);        
    CV_MAT_ELEM(*tempMatrix1, float,0,0) =x;
    printf("\n There ,  %d , %d , %d , %d ,%d ,%d" , n32k , n32j , n32i , SrcImageChannels2 , SrcImageWidth2 , SrcImageHeight2);        
    CV_MAT_ELEM(*tempMatrix1, float,1,0) =y;
    CV_MAT_ELEM(*tempMatrix1, float,2,0) =1;
    x=*((float *)CV_MAT_ELEM_PTR(*tempMatrix1,0,0))/ *((float *)CV_MAT_ELEM_PTR(*tempMatrix1,2,0));
    y=*((float *)CV_MAT_ELEM_PTR(*tempMatrix1,1,0))/ *((float *)CV_MAT_ELEM_PTR(*tempMatrix1,2,0));

        if(DstImageData[(y+h)*DstImageStep+(x+w)*DstImageChannels+n32k] ==0)

The error is on the the line CV_MAT_ELEM(*tempMatrix1, float,0,0) =x; , I do not understand why it is happening , because it's just an assignment , and works fine for earlier execution (i.e. execution before the error).

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is it possible that cvCreateMat fails? have you checked tempMatrix1 before the crash? –  sergio Sep 14 '12 at 11:24
Ensure tempMatrix1 is a valid address... add if(tempMatrix1 != NULL) before calling CV_MAT_ELEM(). –  Jeyaram Sep 14 '12 at 11:24

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It sounds as if cvCreateMat() does dynamic memory allocation, but you fail to:

  1. Check that it succeeds
  2. Free it when you're done with it.

These are both bad, together they are very bad.

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