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Hi Team, I have a silverlight WebApplication, it has a folder on webserver that download a document and store for clients to view. The issue I am facing is that eventhough windows authentication is enabled and directory browesing is disabled. I am able to access and view the image using the url i.e. (http:\loclahost\webapp\dir\image1.tif) form a different domain.Is there some configuration I can do on web server (IIS 8) or I need to adopt some encryption logic in my code.

Any suggestion or help on this would be of gr8 help.

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If it's what I'm thinking, You must set permissions to IISUSRS (a system user created for ISS) to write and read your folder.

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Windows authentication is enabled and it has appropriate permission. The issue herer is I am able to access the same from a different machine which is on a different domain and posses security risk for the documents. – Harry Sep 16 '12 at 15:18

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