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I have an SSL assigned to my main domain and I'm wondering if I can use the SSL to my sub-domain!! I frankly tried it out, but it shows warning page saying that this page is not safe or so on. Is there a solution to this so I can use the SSL on my sub-domain to let clients send their info on a secure connection.

The error message " This webpage is not available"

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X.509 certificates (often called "SSL Certificates") are usually only bound to a single domain, usually "", "" or "". They cannot be used on any other domain name, even if it's a subdomain (so a certificate for "" cannot be used for "" and vice-versa).

Newer certificates (so-called Unified Communications Certificates, named after a feature in Exchange Server) support multiple names at the same time. I understand they don't need to be under the same top-level domain.

Then there's wildcard certificates. These tend to be very expensive (apparently because the CA has to perform additional verification of the buyer because of the increased security liability). With one of these certs you can secure "" including the top-level "".

Without an SSL certificate that supports multiple domain names you'll need to get an SSL cert for each domain name you want to secure. Note that unless you're using a webserver capable of it (Windows Server 2012 onwards) you also need one unique IP address per secure website, because the webserver cannot check the Host-header against a website until after the connection is made.

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Thanks a lot mate for the detailed information. Now I got it. I believe my SSL can't be used on subdomains, unfortunately... I guess the only choice I have is to use my main domain then redirect to the subdomain. I guess that will do. Thanks again – Digital site Sep 14 '12 at 14:56

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