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I have a JAX-WS web service exposed through the simple Endpoint interface (example)

If I understand the API correctly, as an alternative to directly calling Endpoint.publish (which uses the Sun's HTTP Server), we can:

  1. Create the Endpoint --> Endpoint e = Endpoint.create(impl);
  2. Publish the Endpoint ---> e.publish(context);

Can I use this e.publish(..) API to publish to an embedded tomcat server? (example)

The javadoc of the Publish method is pretty confusing to me.

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Although it is more than two years old, this answer to a related question still applies. If you want to deploy to tomcat, no matter whether it is running in embedded mode or normal, you need to package a war and place it in the webapps directory.

To be usable with the publish() method in the way described in your question, tomcat would have to provide a Sun HTTP Server Service Provider Implementation, which it does not. An alternative to Sun's HTTP Server is for example Jetty.

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Thanks. I followed your clue on Jetty and found Apache CXF (which uses Jetty internally) that works fine. I posted a few other helpful links that I found on this topic to my blog –  Pradyumna Sep 15 '12 at 11:24

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