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I need to replace "," to "enoComma", but only that located inside of brackets <...>.
I'm trying to do it like this, but it replaces only the first comma inside of the brackets

$text = 'asd, asd <asd, asd, adasd> ... ';
    create_function('$m', 'return $m[1].\'enoComma\'.$m[2];'),
echo $text; // asd, asd <asdenoComma asd, adasd> ... 
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How can I do it? –  Nikita Gavrilov Sep 14 '12 at 11:51

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I think this should do it:

$text = 'asd, asd <asd, asd, adasd> ... <a,b,c>';

function replace_function($s) {
  return str_replace(",", "enoComma", $s[0]);

$text = preg_replace_callback("|<(.*)>|", "replace_function", $text);

echo "$text\n";


asd, asd <asdenoComma asdenoComma adasd> ... <aenoCommabenoCommac>
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Thanks! It works! But I have made a little touch to reg expression "|(<.*>)|". Thank you again! –  Nikita Gavrilov Sep 14 '12 at 11:59

Since you're already using preg_replace_callback I'd let it fetch everything between the brackets and then let the callback replace each comma by enoComma.

$text = 'asd, asd <asd, asd, adasd> asd, asd asd, asd <x, y, z> asd';
$text = preg_replace_callback('/(?<=<)[^<>]+(?=>)/', function($e) {
    return str_replace(',', 'enoComma', $e[0]);
}, $text);
echo $text;


asd, asd <asdenoComma asdenoComma adasd> asd, asd asd, asd <xenoComma yenoComma z> asd

but keep in mind that this won't work with nested brackets like a,b<c,d<e,f>>
The example uses a lambda function instead of create_function.

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Right, nested brackets could have unwanted behavior. The a,b<c,d<e,f>> would become a,b<cenoCommad<eenoCommaf>>, but even worse would be: a,b<c,d<e,f>,abc> => a,b<cenoCommad<eenoCommaf>,abc> (note that the comma before abc stays unreplaced!) –  Stefan K. Sep 14 '12 at 12:02

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