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What is a good way to import fixed-width text files into sqlite tables, preferably without using peripheral software?

E.g. specifying the width of each field

Field 1: 10 characters starting with the second character
Field 2: 5  characters starting with the twelfth character
Field 3: 7  characters starting with the eighteenth character

The line


would be imported as:

Field 1     Field 2  Field 3


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The sqlite3 tools imports only CSV files.

There are third-party tools that can import fixed-width files, but this answer shows how to do this inside SQLite with string functions.

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The link in the answer above is for generic SQL. Here is one way to do it in SQLite:

CREATE TABLE fixed_width_table (full_string CHAR);
.import fixed_width_file.txt fixed_width_table

    SUBSTR(full_string,1,11) AS field1
    ,SUBSTR(full_string,2,5) AS field2
    ,SUBSTR(full_string,2,7) AS field3
FROM fixed_width_table
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Thanks! This saved me a lot of time. Just for completeness if anyone is trying to import a fixed-width text file with a variable length last column, then just omit the 3rd parameter in the corresponding SUBSTR (e.g. ,SUBSTR(full_string, 10) AS variable_length_last_column. That will return all of the remaining text on that line. – perNalin Sep 8 '15 at 11:28

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