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In my project , i have a functionality "Remind me daily" which is a checkbox if a user sets the option checked , an email is to be sent daily using the database mail SQL Server 2008 untill a particular condition is met . Please suggest how can i accomplish this ?

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It is possible, by a combination of a SQL Agent job and sp_send_dbmail. But I would recommend using SQL Server Reporting Service instead. It has the capability to create data driven subscriptions and deliver them by email.

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Simple, create a new Sql Server Job and add the send mail task. See this:

Best regards

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This is how I've always done this. I just created a job with a single step. In that step, I added whatever logic needed to be present then shot an an email using DB Mail. I am not sure if you can even use SQL Mail in this manner but if you can, it is more difficult to setup and maintain. – Gizmo Sep 14 '12 at 15:43

you can use the SQL Server Agent Mail feature.

more info at :

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