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Given I have two EJB jars in an ear: A.jar and B.jar. Can I inject a utility class Autil that is not an EJB, just a POJO from A.jar into an EJB that is in B.jar using CDI? I cannot find this clearly in the Java EE specs. (Btw. I'm using Glassfish 3.1.1)

Note: Of course I could try it (and already had meanwhile) but that way I could only check it with specific AS and I would like to know what the spec says about it because I am trying to be vendor neutral.

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Firstly, if you're using GlassFish do yourself a favor and use Next, yes you should be able to do that just fine. Make sure both jars have META-INF/beans.xml as well as your web app (WEB-INF/beans.xml)

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Do you know about bugs fixed in that version related to my question? – jabal Sep 17 '12 at 9:03
I don't know of the bug fixes, but I'm pretty sure they're using a more current version of Weld. I doubt you'll have issues, the main thing is to remember to have the beans.xml in both jars. – LightGuard Sep 17 '12 at 21:30

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