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Is it possible to test if extension loading is enabled in SQLite 3 from C interface or using SQL without actually trying to load an extension?

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You can use this query to check if extension loading is enabled by default:

SELECT sqlite_compileoption_used('ENABLE_LOAD_EXTENSION');

But this works for you only if you know that sqlite3_enable_load_extension is never called.

The internal SQLITE_LoadExtension flag is not accessible; it is read only when SQLite actually tries to load an extension.

What you could do is to try to load a known-invalid extension, such as load_extension('/dev/null'). If extension loading is disabled, the error message will be not authorized instead of something like file too short.

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Actually I wanted precisely to test if sqlite3_enable_load_extension is called :) –  Alexey Romanov Oct 6 '12 at 4:42

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