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I have done a redirection to dashboard_path after user signing in.. I believe that there should be an action called dashboard in that controller. But when I removed that dashboard action in the controller it still worked fine. How is it possible.? Please help. I am confused.

In the sessions controller

def create

  if user && user.authenticate(params[:session][:password])
    redirect_to dashboard_path

In the User controller (If I removed this action in user controller still it redirects to dashboard page.. how??)

def dashboard


match '/dashboard' => 'admins/users#dashboard'
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It's called 'convention over configuration', and Rails have a lot of it. If you don't specify any render or redirect_to in the controller action, Rail's default behavior is to redirect to the view with the same name as the action.

You should read the Action Controller Overview for more information on this subject (it's part of the Rails guides and contains a lot of information on Rails behavior).

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