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I'm develop an project with RCP + GEF, which creates a file based on GEF Logic example .

I have two plugins:

  • one for design and edit the network
  • one for visualize in real time the network operation..

how can I do for when i choose the perspective open the correct plugin?

Each plugin works correctly when i open the file with him, but i dont know how can i do it automatically when i chose the perspective.

My perspectives looks like this:

public class DesignPerspective implements IPerspectiveFactory {

public static final String ID = "mailteste.DesignPerspective";

public void createInitialLayout(IPageLayout layout) {
    String editorArea = layout.getEditorArea();
    layout.addView("org.eclipse.ui.navigator.ProjectExplorer", IPageLayout.LEFT, 0.18f, IPageLayout.ID_EDITOR_AREA);
    layout.addView("org.eclipse.ui.views.ContentOutline", IPageLayout.RIGHT, 0.8f, IPageLayout.ID_EDITOR_AREA);     
    layout.addView("org.eclipse.ui.views.PropertySheet", IPageLayout.BOTTOM, 0.5f, "org.eclipse.ui.views.ContentOutline");
    //layout.addStandaloneView(IPageLayout.ID_OUTLINE, true, IPageLayout.RIGHT, 0.76f,IPageLayout.ID_EDITOR_AREA);  

private void addFastViews(IPageLayout layout) {

Best Regards Alex

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could you be clear on what you are looking for? I understand you have two plugins and you have on fixed perspective ( in which plugin?)

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i have one RCP aplication with two GEF plugins. one for design network and one for visualize in real time the network operation.. I'm looking for a way to automatically open file with diferent pluging when i choose de perspective.. –  Alexandre Pinheiro Sep 17 '12 at 10:25

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